Zack Ritchie

Zack is a young Maltese graphic illustrator. His work is underpinned by a strong foundation in fine art, but with advertising serving as his inspiration. Zack designs illustrations and characters which balance dynamic aesthetics with concept and narrative.

Zack is looking forward to welcoming Trail visitors to his pop-up open studio, where, alongside another local artist, he will be creating new work and sharing the intricate process behind his layered 3D relief graphic illustrations.

He is inspired by Maltese imagery, reinterpreting cultural narratives with flair, light social commentary, a thoughtful amalgamation of clean, crisp style and a message with everyday appeal.

Designer Zack Ritchie takes iconic Maltese elements as a starting point for much of his art, which includes, for example, a series of Disney-esque characters with cheeky charm in vibrant primary colours, in perspex as well as on paper. These bright and playful illustrations are bursting with cheer and turn on its head the phrase ‘Pajjiż tal-Mickey Mouse’ which is sometimes used to refer to Malta as a Mickey Mouse country.  Other pieces in Zack’s collection are clearly influenced by advertising posters, and whereas most of his work bursts with energy in these, alongside his usual dynamism,  you’ll also find a hip and laid-back flavour as he teams the simple lazy charm of 1930s advertising with a neat modern style.” says art writer Esther Lafferty.

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