Saint Martin's Institute of Higher Education

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education was founded in 1985 with the intention of providing tuition in computer studies at a time when such courses were non-existent in Malta. 

During The Trail, students and staff will be sharing their video game designs, virtual reality experiences and immersive 360 degree films, inviting visitors to try on the VR headsets, try out their games and share their love of film.

These have all been created by the students of MQF Level 5 and Level 6 in Creative Computing, Games Design and Development courses. The computing department is also involved in a number of projects related to culture and heritage, bringing the past to life. The exponential growth the Institute has enjoyed is a testament to its great work and the resulting rates of success, which have allowed it to become an affiliate of the University of London.

‘The ability of an individual student to learn independently is given even more importance at Saint Martin’s Institute. It is not enough that the faculty oversees the development of a student through the programme to prepare for a job or a career change. It is the creed of the Institute that a student transforms, thus becoming a life-long learner and employable over the long term. ”