Matthew Micallef

Matthew was born in Germany in 1982, but grew up in Malta from the age of one. Throughout his early years you could find him drawing, painting or building with Meccano and Lego. Something about forms, colours and depth captured his complete attention. He would always carry a drawing pad and pencil, knowing that if he was ever bored with his surroundings, he could dive into his imagination.

Matthew invites you to join him in his imaginary world at Marco Polo Hostel on The Trail, where he will be working on paintings and talking about his creative process. Prepare to be captivated by Matthew’s use of colour and expressive style.

After spending four years at the Art & Design Institute, now part of the Malta College for Art, Science & Technology, he had the opportunity to learn and work in the field of interior design.

By this time he was accustomed to using various media in his art, but had never worked with acrylics. In 2004 he was given his first commission, when he decided to try this medium. With great success he continues to use acrylic as his medium of choice, developing his style and techniques. Matthew has exhibited collectively and individually, and was recently featured in Volume 1 of The Artists’ Directory. His  most recent work features abstracts, classic vehicles and iconic local scenery.