Matthew Cilia

Matthew Cilia is a Maltese artist who started to experiment with pen and paper from an early age, eventually moving on to digital art. After spending years dividing his time between his full time job and his passion, about three years ago he decided to give all of his energy and attention to creating art.

During The Trail Matthew will be using his iPad to create a new piece of digital illustration, which will be displayed on a big screen next to him. 

Matthew finds that digital art opens up many possibilities and adds many variables; ”…it’s just a beautiful puzzle made with pieces of creativity”.

One of his favourite quotes is from Leonardo Da Vinci: “Learn how to see. Realise that everything connects to everything else.” Matthew believes that with this particular quote in mind when drawing he is not only capable of producing a beautiful painting, but also of delivering a message. To him, ”those little intricate details create a whole new dimension, making a connection with the viewer, an emotion beyond words.”