Maria Elena Vella

From an early age Maria was passionate about art. She recently completed a BA in Fine Arts, a course which has helped her develop her artistic concepts and skills.

Whilst primarily a sculptor, Maria has recently begun to explore working with resin to make jewellery, and she will be demonstrating these processes live on The Trail.

Her work focuses on a personal matter, a guilty pleasure, or a social or cultural issue. In her own words, Maria describes her art as ”a new life in a more hybrid way; allowing me to explore the fallibility and the perception of mechanics through observation’’. 

Maria favours the use of ceramics and casting, and often makes master moulds of real-life objects. After repeated casting, she augments the ceramic slip in order to create something new. Whether it’s a personal heirloom or a piece of the human anatomy, Maria elevates these everyday objects to pieces of art, and makes us question what we consider to be mundane.