Lara Spiteri

Lara Spiteri studied at St Martin’s College in London and has successfully combined art and fashion in a unique blend of old and new, much like Malta itself.

During The Trail you can visit Lara at her pop-up studio and catwalk at DePorres Hall in Sliema. Together with a group of other fashion designers, Lara will be showing off her designs and the process that goes into making them. And if creativity is your thing, Lara will also be inviting you to join in with some fun, fashion-related art activities, so roll up your sleeves and get stuck in!

Lara’s clothing collection blends the iconography of the Maltese archipelago and haute couture into single handmade fashion gems. Each piece is a one-off that takes hours in both the development of the concept and the tailoring itself, from the preliminary sketching to the final touches, and many are designed and created for a particular event.

Lara Spiteri’s striking dresses and jackets incorporate elements of the Maltese cross, gentler megalithic spirals, and other traditional motifs and symbols,” says Esther Lafferty, art writer. “Bold black and vibrant red offer a striking contrast with the glamour of gold and the purity of white in other pieces from the collection, and all are sassy, with a cutting-edge vibe, each individually-designed and hand-painted. Lara has selected some of the best and most recognisable elements of Maltese heritage and teamed them with a swagger for the twenty-first century catwalk with great success.”