Keith Ellul

Keith Ellul is an award-winning fine art photographer who mainly shoots landscapes and seascapes. He has both exhibited his photographs as 2D wall art and published them in book form. On The Trail Keith will be demonstrating his methods of post-production, as well as explaining his approach to photography and the skills required for landscape photography.

Through each of his images runs the theme of motion. Keith considers the camera to be a time machine, with which he can briefly arrest a period of time, whether seconds or minutes, and hold it immortalised in a single frame.

Keith’s photos feature coastal scenes, not only for their beauty, but after a childhood spent in close proximity to the sea, Keith finds that they evoke a sense of nostalgia, transporting him back in time. It is as if through his lens “a seed planted long ago has now come to full bloom” says Keith.

“Holding time with a long exposure, Keith’s emotional reinterpretations of moody coastal scenes have a wonderful ethereal timelessness.” says art writer Esther Lafferty.