Jeni Caruana

Jeni Caruana is an illustrator turned painter. Together with fellow Trail artist C.S. Lawrence, she will be demonstrating her process and offering creative drawing workshops on The Trail. Jeni specialises in painting other artists at work, such as dancers and musicians. She finds nothing more exhilarating than painting as something is happening in front of her. She loves the challenge of capturing the atmosphere, the colour and the music, but more than anything is fascinated by the way that musicians seemingly blend into their instruments and become fused with the music.

Having trained as an illustrator in the 1970s, the drawing skills she gained during her training have stood her in good stead ever since. She still loves to work from models and always carries a sketchbook with her.

“There is something endlessly fascinating about trying to capture the human condition”, she explains. Whether she is painting Flamenco dancers, a bass player or even an animal, Jeni aims in some way to capture their physicality.

Caruna’s art has a lightness in its fast-flowing lines and an informal immediacy which takes you into the moment, and although absorbed through the eyes, lifts your soul with the joy of music or dance!” says art writer Esther Lafferty.