Jana Frost

Jana Frost was born in Belarus just prior to the fall of USSR, when her Russian-speaking family emigrated to Estonia. There she was raised in a Russian community in the Estonian capital, and now considers herself a Belarusian-Russian-Estonian fusion, a 90s child of the Eastern block. This, she says, gave her an open mind about the merits of both her own and other cultures, and with this free-spirited ethos she moved to Malta 5 years ago immediately after graduation.

As part of The Trail Jana will be showing current works and art in progress at Badass (Balluta) alongside Maltese graphic artist Zack Ritchie.

Now a lead graphic designer in one of the iGaming companies on the island which she describes as ‘professional daydreaming’, her art remains her passion.

Jana’s pop art digital collages that are imbued with a strong retro vibe for which she finds creative inspiration in retro horror/sci-fi movies, surrealism, pop culture and technology of previous decades. These ideas are combined  with strong modern design and often reflected as an ambiguous and satirical take on consumer capitalism and popular culture. Her art is colourful, funny and sometimes spine-chilling!

Jana loves to create art that can be interpreted in different ways which make the viewer curious about things or events that they haven’t considered previously, and she is delighted when her collages spark discussion and debate.

“I have my story and my own view on this huge bizarre world and I am always happy to see if my art speaks to someone who feels the same way.” she explains. ‘Through art I love to show that humour and satire is the best way to deal with complicated topics. My recurrent subject of aliens is symbolic of many different things but most of all it represents to me the feeling of being an alien in your own country, of identity crisis and feeling different. I would like to highlight an awareness of these subjects and help people to understand that they are not alone with these feelings.’

I found myself absorbed by the digitally manipulated art of Jana Frost which takes retro, sci-fi and other disparate elements, and repositions them in surprising ways to provoke questions in the mind of the viewer”, says art writer, Esther Lafferty. “In each you can feel that there is a whole narrative crammed into a single shot like an instamatic poem, one that’s crying to be drawn out. Some have the shock factor of a Dr Who scenario while others have a gentler impact whilst being equally thought-provoking – like Wave, a wonderful juxtaposition of 1960s California youth in the curve of Hokusai’s Great Wave. Simply smashing!”