Gioia Clavenzani and Ivano Ghinelli are the Italian duo behind JAD, a contemporary jewellery artisan brand. On The Trail they will be demonstrating their process of metal wiring and giving workshops.

JAD’s main media are silver and the extra thin pure silver wires used for Maltese filigree, silver-plated and copper-coated wire, semi-precious and precious stones.

The concept behind JAD’s jewellery is the highlighting of the metal as the main focus; the metal is not merely necessary for the shape of a piece or as the holder of precious stones, but is beautiful in its own right.

With very different backgrounds, as a psychologist and a goldsmith respectively, Gioia and Ivano met in Italy through a common love for jewellery, design and contemporary art. They opened their first Italian studio in 2011 in a small town in the quiet area between Umbria and Tuscany, and moved to Malta in 2015 where they founded JAD. They usually work in their studio near Manikata.

“The thing we miss most about our Italian studio is the opportunity to talk to people, showing and explaining the richness, the beauty and the ideas behind our jewellery. We are excited that Allura will give us a great opportunity to do this again.” say JAD.