Heba Shibani

Heba Shibani is a Libyan journalist and news producer who has worked in a number of Libyan and international media outlets such as Reuters, Libya’s channel, and Alaseema Television. After eight years in photojournalism and street photography, her approach has evolved to present heritage with a fresh edge, by illustrating the relationship between a place and its residents and focusing on the concept of home.

During The Trail Heba will be running photoshoots for Trail visitors, with an option for visitors to keep their photos – a unique opportunity not to miss out on!

Heba’s street photography is from the heart. Each image is marvellously captivating, transporting the viewer right through the lens into the place and moment as Heba saw it, and her eye is clearly drawn the beauty of very different circumstances. Her pictures draw out the absolute essence of the scene and it seeps straight into your bones.” – Esther Lafferty, art writer.