Francesca Borg Costanzi

Francesca Borg Costanzi is as ambitious and creative as she is inquisitive about practically everything. Her genre is portraiture mixed with abstract and tribal free-handing. She loves to draw wrinkles, detail, strong lines, and has an affinity for drawing powerful emotions.

During The Trail Francesca will be working on sketches and displaying her previous works. You can find her at Hole In The Wall in Sliema.

Francesca describes how art is both a hobby and an escape. ‘When I’m stressed I draw’, she explains. ‘When I draw I remember my grandfather. I got my artistic talent from him. He used to love plants and to draw them too. I like to draw patterns and tribal, my style is realism and freestyle.

Both an artist and a professional singer regularly featured on local television, Francesca is also studying to become a social worker. “I dream that I can combine social work with art and work with prisoners”, she explains. “Art can be a form of therapy.”