Elaine Wirth (Decor Elly)

Decor Elly is a home-based 3D printing workshop which produces unique figurines for further processing, using decoupage & other finishes.

During The Trail Elaine will be demonstrating this unique and rare creative approach while working on items currently in production. Don’t miss out!

Long before entering the world of 3D printing, Elaine was experimenting with photography and papier-mâché sculptures, as well as textile design including techniques such as weaving and macrame. Then, introduced to 3D design during her studies, she became interested in this process and the scope for creating her own products from start to finish.

The range of objects she designed and produced started to grow; from a multi-coloured cow resembling contemporary dialogue with figurative arts (i.e. Damien Hirst), to creative remixes of classical art usually found only in established museums or galleries (e.g. the Venus de Milo, Michelangelo’s David) – all with an unexpected and quirky touch.

Beyond Elaine’s intriguing choices of themes, her trademark approach lies in her use of experimental finishes, and how these unusual textures add another level of surprise for her audiences.