Andrew Borg

Maltese artist Andrew Borg has been exhibiting his work since 2006, during which time he has built a reputation as one of Malta’s finest artists. Allura is proud to be celebrating the work of Andrew Borg and Rune Bo Jakobsen as part of their ‘Ġebla – Paintings from the Rock’ exhibition, which will run from 23rd December 2018 – 6th January 2019.

Andrew is an engineer by profession, drawing on its mathematical principles to both contrast and support his work. Recently Andrew has been focusing on this in an effort to further merge representational and abstract art.

Though Andrew’s work is often quite minimalistic, it nonetheless evokes a powerful depth which is both immediate and transfixing. As part of Allura’s ‘Ġebla – Paintings from the Rock’ exhibition, Andrew’s landscape works compliment perfectly the abstract cityscapes of Rune Bo Jakobsen, working together to reveal the serene and often understated beauty of the Maltese archipelago.