Amelia Saint George

Amelia Saint George became devoted to sculpture ten years ago, when her work evolved from portraiture. Her figurative realistic style allows for rigorous attention to detail.

During The Trail Amelia will be working on a piece of sculpture and explaining the nature of her creative process. If you have ever wanted to learn more about sculpture, this is your chance!

Whilst Amelia’s portraiture is usually created from life, she also takes on commissions and works from photographs, a particularly challenging task when it comes to 3D work. The ages of her subjects (currently at more than fifty) vary from just two weeks to 92. These commissions evolve during the sculpting process, since they are informed by the interaction between herself and her subject

Her thirty bronze animals, some in pairs, are caught in the middle of movement, implying vitality and the animal’s spirit. For many years Amelia had a smallholding, which gave her the opportunity to observe her animals and their individual traits and interactions with one another. This gave her a keen insight into their characters.